I am a dental hygienist that loves to write about my everyday life and share my experiences in the dental industry. I was hesitant to go to the dentist as a child, but I am glad that I did. Getting braces was hard growing up because I had to wear them in public and everyone made fun of me. Now I am grateful that I didn’t have a perfect smile because I feel these imperfections made me who I am today. My parents encouraged me to get braces because I was not confident in the way I looked or in the way I spoke. Looking back on it now, I am glad I had those braes because now I am perfectly happy with the way I look and how I speak. As an adult, I now love my job as a dental hygienist because I am passionate about helping others improve their oral health and maintain beautiful smiles.

My favorite part of my day is meeting new patients and learning about their histories and their past experiences with the dentist. By getting to know my patients better, I can help them overcome their fears and start to enjoy going to the dentist as I do. Working as a dentist assistant has helped me improve my skills as a hygienist because it has given me the opportunity to work with many different patients and see how they respond to different types of treatments. It has also helped me to develop better treatment plans for my patients and decide what course of action is most likely to improve their oral health. Overall, I am very happy with my job as a dental hygienist because I know that I am helping people lead healthier lives and I am happy that I can do that through my work.